• FastLZ-Java - The FastLZ Compression Algorithm in Java
  • Crypto-Java - Cryptological Things in Native Java of a lesser known variety
  • jSQLITE3 - A light minimalistic wrapper to SQLite3 using JNA
  • jCURL - A light minimalistic wrapper to libcurl using JNA
  • jMarkov - Markov Implementation in Java for amusement and emulation of my daily messages
  • jtar - Simple pure Java implementation of manipulating tar files
  • SieveEratosthenes - Sieve of Eratosthenes in java, you can download the generated primes here.
  • atomikron - Packet Logger / Analysis Streaming Live Into SPLUNK
  • jdbtool - Import and Export tool for SQL Databases (Maria & PostgreSQL) via JSON
  • jShallotV2 - Tor Onion Address (v2) Generator in Java
  • jFancyTerm - Swing based fake terminal for Java


OS Development

  • PiDOS - A DOS like Operating System for the Raspberry Pi


  • MuppetHunt - A silly game inspired by Hunt The Wumpus but more... interesting!


  • memdrv-win32 - Read/Write blocks of memory w/dynamic allocation
  • cidr-rdns - Mass rdns of ip blocks by cidr using c-ares
  • bfwin32-c - A BF Interpreter in C for Win32 Enviroments
  • Pandora-OOC - An Object-Oriented ANSI C Framework to obfuscate and prevent static and/or live executable analysis


  • MessagePack-C - My Implementation of Message Pack in C
  • lzh-improved - Improved version of an old lzh compression library to allow safe threading
  • Base32 - Base32 Encoding / Decoding in C


  • asmutil - Generic 32-bit ASM Algorithms

Investigative / Analysis